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The magazine is free for all our readers.

The Ellesfontduvélo magazine was borne out of Muriel Vandermeulen’s passion for cycling. Muriel, the Associate Director of interactive editorial agency Wearethewords, is a content marketing consultant internationally recognised for her expertise.

Muriel accompanies brands and other entities to develop a discursive identity in their online publications. From magazines and blogs to marketplaces, communities and more, her work spans diverse sectors: games and children’s toys, kitchen design, motorcycles, cars, decoration, food, etc. In June 2014, on the eve of her 45th birthday, she took up the challenge of launching her own women’s bike magazine. The response was as fast as it was positive, quickly being shared by thousands of readers.

The magazine is paid for by advertisers.

In light of its immediate popularity, as well as growing demand from readers, we have decided to make advertising space in the magazine available to brands. This provides us with a reliable form of financing that is essential to the magazine’s ongoing success.

Advertising requests are independently approved by Ellesfontduvélo. We will always clearly label SPONSORED ADVERTISING on all advertising in the magazine.

Where can I find the magazine on digital channels?

At the moment, the Ellesfontduvélo magazine is available via the following digital channels:

Facts and figures this quater

Download our French mediakit 2018 with facts and figures about the #EFDV magazine (PDF – 11 MB) or contact us.

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